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Zerust® Streamlines Packaging to Save Time, Reduce Costs and Improve Corrosion Protection 

A contract manufacturing and packaging house was looking to reduce costs. They were hand-packing thousands of parts a day in VCI paper and sealing them with tape. Unfortunately, there were no machines available to make the process more efficient that were compatible with VCI paper.

The Solution

Zerust representatives conducted an analysis of the current system, the materials and labor costs. As a result, they recommended replacing the VCI paper with ICT510-CLHD High-Density Film. Zerust VCI Films can be used with many packaging machines, including the customer's existing L-Bar Sealer. Automation decreased labor and material costs and increased the output of wrapped parts per hour. The company found that using Zerust film in the L-Bar Sealer tripled output and decreased the company's cost by 70% and completely controlled corrosion.

Zerust also performed side-by-side testing of the competitor VCI paper and the Zerust film. The panels packaged in the competitor's VCI paper showed corrosion after only 3 days in a humidity chamber. The panels packaged in Zerust ICT510-CLHD Film showed no corrosion after 30 days in ASTM D1735 humidity chamber testing. In addition, Zerust film is mechanically superior to VCI paper—it is stronger, more difficult to tear, resists breakage at a higher impact force and stretches to better manage any "stress" imposed on the package.

An L-Bar sealer used to 
package metal parts in 
Zerust VCI Film tripled
hourly outputs.





High-volume contract manufacturer

Corrosion prevention for finished parts

Streamline packaging operations and reduce corrosion

Zerust ICT510-CHLD High Density VCI Film reduces packaging time and cost and provides superior corrosion protection

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