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Zerust® VCI Film Eliminates Corrosion on Metal Auto Components in Overseas Shipping

A Russian automaker experienced corrosion on stamped metal surfaces during CKD (complete knock-down) shipments from Russia to Ecuador. They used various oils as their corrosion protection method, which proved to be ineffective as well as an environmentally hazardous means of protection. The auto manufacturer needed a different solution that would work effectively, efficiently and without the contamination and clean-up that comes with using oil.

The Solution

Zerust's international team of corrosion experts recommended Zerust ICT510-C Ferrous and Multimetal Film for the protection of steel and galvanized steel during transportation and storage. After a successful trial shipment to Ecuador, Zerust film were officially approved for use. The manufacturer found that using Zerust corrosion inhibiting products paid-off. Corrosion stopped completely on stamped parts and anywhere else Zerust products were used. The company eliminated oil as a means of corrosion protection in many production areas, helping to improve CKD shipment process yields. Using Zerust also reduced costs by eliminating the internal logistics and manpower necessary to remove the oil and clean the parts before they can be used. By using Zerust products, they saved US$858,000 per year!

CKD kits using Zerust ICT-510 VCI Bags

CKD kits are shipped from 
Russia to Ecuador corrosion
free using Zerust
ICT-510 VCI Bags.

Steel automotive parts protected by Zerust ICT-510 VCI Film

Steel automotive parts protected by Zerust ICT-510 VCI Film arrive free of corrosion.



Large Russian automotive manufacturer

Corrosion management for CKD overseas shipments

Increase process yields, reduce labor and costs

Switching to Zerust ICT510-C VCI Film
protects overseas shipments from corrosion
and eliminates messy oils

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