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Zerust® Replaces Desiccant-Barrier Packaging for Corrosion Control and Cost Reduction

An international crating company needed to find a better corrosion solution than their current method of desiccants with sealed barrier packaging. Finding an effective solution was crucial to the company since their worldwide shipments pass through temperature and humidity swings that can accelerate corrosion. The company was unhappy with the desiccant-barrier packaging method because the desiccants became saturated and needed to be replaced at least every six months, increasing material and labor costs. Also, the barrier packaging frequently became punctured and moisture rapidly filled the desiccants making them ineffective. Once the desiccants became saturated, they became a source of corrosion by emitting moisture back into the package.

The Solution

Zerust helped them implement a protection system for five 40' cargo containers, fully loaded with conveyors, controllers and other factory equipment, that were to be shipped from the East Coast to the Middle East. the machinery was wrapped in Zerust ICT510-C Ferrous Film, then heat-sealed and heat-shrunk to provide a tight enclosure. Additional multimetal corrosion protection was provided to the inside of each piece of equipment by Zerust VC6-1 Vapor Capsules. Before shipping they were stored crated outside for over one year awaiting to be loaded. The Zerust system was very effective; all machines arrived at their final destination free of corrosion. Comparing Zerust to the desiccant-barrier packaging method, the company found that Zerust packaging was more effective and reduced costs by 57%.

Five ISO 40' containers loaded with
conveyors, controllers 
and other factory
equipment were protected by Zerust
for over 1-year.

Equipment is protected externally
by Zerust film and internally the
electronics  are protected by
Zerust Vapor Capsules.



Crating company responsible for corrosion-free cargo

Corrosion management in shipment and storage beyond one year

Replace previous desiccant-barrier method to lower costs and increase protection

Zerust ICT510-C Film and Vapor Capsules for long-term protection during overseas shipping

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