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Zerust® Cold-Seal Film Reduces Packaging Time For Automotive Parts Manufacturer

A leading manufacturer of axles and other automotive parts wanted to find a faster, more efficient corrosion inhibiting packaging solution to protect gears, axles and differential units during service and inter-plant shipment. Typically, these parts are wrapped with VCI film and secured with tape. However, this process is very labor intensive, taking an average of four minutes to wrap and tape a single part.

The Solution

Zerust recommended ICT®520-CSL Cold-Seal Film to save them time and prevent corrosion. Zerust ICT520-CSL is a cold-adhesive film that bonds itself, creating a self-adhesive closure that takes seconds to complete. The cold adhesive allows the package to be closed through pressure alone and not through the introduction of heat, staples, or tape. The manufacturer tested Zerust cold-seal film on their large gears and differential units and was astonished at how fast and easy it was to use! They also liked the visibility of the part through the transparent film. The cold seal package took less than one minute to complete, compared with four minutes for the VCI film and tape—a 75% savings in packaging time! Realizing how much they could save in labor costs, the manufacturer decided to completely replace their VCI film and tape operation with Zerust ICT520-CSL cold-seal film.

Zerust cold-seal film protecting a large gear for service shipment. Previously parts had been wrapped in VCI film and tape.

Differential units were quickly and easy wrapped in Zerust cold-seal film.



Leading auto parts manufacturer

Corrosion prevention for shipment of parts

Reduce packaging and labor cost

Zerust packaging and labor cost

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