How to Install Zerust VCI Diffusers

When protecting metals using (VCIs) Volatile Corrosion Inhibitors, it is essential to restrict airflow to the surrounding container. Airflow may remove the protective vapor corrosion inhibitors from the space faster than it is released from the diffuser. Protection ratings for each product assume a relatively empty enclosure to enable direct diffusion paths. When the enclosure is filled with many dividers or objects that lengthen the VCI diffusion pathways, it is good practice to double the number of diffusers.

Instructions for Installing Zerust VCI Diffusers

  1. To activate, simply take the diffuser out of its packaging
  2. Note the installation date. Vapor Capsule products include a space to mark the date.
  3. Place the diffuser in the enclosure following the principles below.
  4. Make sure the diffuser has maximum surface space exposed for ideal diffusion.
  5. Tightly seal the enclosure to restrict airflow. Metals in the enclosure will be protected for up to two years depending on the product used. 

NOTE: Upon removal of the Zerust VCI diffuser or opening the enclosure; the Zerust protective VCI molecules will dissipate from the metal surface within hours. Corrosion protection of the metal surface will also cease by this time.

How to correctly place Zerust VCI Diffusers (Diagram shows a Zerust VC2-1 Vapor Capsule)

Center - the ideal location to obtain maximum coverage of protection from the capsule. This position may not be possible if the center is occupied. 
Corner - In deeper enclosures two capsules may be required on diagonally opposed corners to fully protect the entire space. 
Sides - Is practical for most applications and provides the optimum side mounted protection. 
Dual Placement - For longer boxes or divided spaces, place a capsule in opposite corners for complete coverage. 
It is essential to restrict airflow to the container. Airflow removes protective vapor barrier from the space faster than it can be released from the diffuser.  

Contending with Restricted Airflow

When it cannot be avoided applying Zerust diffusers within enclosures with some small air leaks, then it is recommended to place the capsule close to the source of airflow.

For added corrosion protection when there are small air leaks or in especially corrosion conditions, consider placing additional Zerust diffusers near the sensitive metal surface to be protected. 




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