How to Use Rust Removers

Use wire brush to remove loose scale if present
Immerse, spray-on or brush-on product according to product instructions.

Wait recommended amount of time recommended by product depending on rust level.
Using a sponge or clean rag remove dissolved rust.
OPTIONAL: Using de-ionized water rinse part.
Dry thoroughly with a clean cloth.
Keep your part clean and rust free in shipping or storage with additional protection from Zerust bags.

Directions to use: 620-RR Heavier Rust Remover

  1. Pour Zerust ICT 620-RR into a container with the rusted parts (fully cover parts).
  2. Soak the rusted parts in Zerust ICT 620-RR for ~30 minutes for light rust and overnight for heavy, flaking rust. *DO NOT spray the rusty parts with ICT 620-RR—the product will not work this way.
  3. Rinse the parts with de-ionized water and inspect.
  4. Wipe parts with a dry cloth if needed (some black carbon residue may remain on the metal surface).
  5. Repeat soaking if rust remains, and re-rinse.
  6. Air dry. Check for areas where solution may have pooled, re-rinse and dry.
  7. Package parts in Zerust products to prevent the recurrence of rust.

Note: When the active ingredients are used up, the Zerust ICT 620 bath will turn black and will not remove rust.

Zerust Axxaclean from Zerust on Vimeo.



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