Continuing Leadership of Several Committees in NACE

NTIC continues to provide leadership for several committees in NACE International, the association of corrosion engineers (see NTIC leadership in NACE). An outcome of this work was the 2008 publication of NACE Standard TM0208-2008 that provides details of test methods for "Vapor Inhibiting Ability - Ferrous", or VIA-F. Also, NTIC authors presented three technical papers at the recent annual conference of NACE in San Antonio, during March 14-18. They are summarized below where PDF copies can be obtained by the link to the titles.

"Evolving Standard Test Methods for Vapor Inhibiting Ability (VIA) for Corrosion Protection"
Authors: A. James Henderson (1), and Efim Ya Lyublinski (2) 

The paper provides technical and historical perspective considered in creating the recently published NACE standard test method TM0208-20081 for rapid qualitative evaluation to determine the presence of Vapor Inhibiting Ability (VIA) for corrosion protection of ferrous metal surfaces (VIA-F). The standard includes improvements in repeatability of outcomes and criteria for judging and reporting outcomes. An optional test method is included to judge possible confounding of the VIA effect with partial water absorption (desiccant) effects of some Volatile Corrosion Inhibitor (VCI) materials. The paper also provides considerations for creating one or more test methods to determine VIA with non-ferrous metals (VIA-NF), including considerations of "witness" metal specimens, atmospheric contaminants and appropriate rapid qualitative test methods for them. Read more.

(1) A. J. Henderson is Chair of NACE TG 420 for VIA-NF standard test methods, and Vice Chair of TG 215. He is also Vice-Chairman of they symposium on VCI and rust preventive inhibitors sponsored (TEG-093X). He is also Chairman of the sponsoring NACE committee on VCI (TEG-093X Technical Exchange Group) 

(2) E. Y. Lyublinski is Chair of NACE TG 215 that recently completed standard TM0208-2008 VIA-F test method 

"New Technology for Vapor Corrosion Inhibiting (VCI) Transparent Plastic Packaging Combined with Acid-gas Scavenging (AGS)"
Authors: Donald A. Kubik, Barbara Nygaard, A. James Henderson

Acid-gas scavenging films (AGS) have existed in two forms, both with fillers that chemically react to reduce diffusion of acid-gases into sealed bags. These provide corrosion protection from acid-gases exterior to the package. They have no effect on corrosion in the presence of humidity and oxygen inside the enclosure. One form, called AGS-Cu in this paper, is opaque and contains copper and carbon particles. The other, called AGS, uses transparent inorganic oxide fillers, primarily to mitigate tarnishing of silver and silverware. A new technology combines AGS and Vapor Corrosion Inhibitor additives (VCI and VPI) for superior corrosion protection of multiple metals from the effects of internal humidity and external acid-gases. Test data show that combined VCI & AGS give best corrosion protection for a wider range of metals and atmospheric contaminants than VCI and AGS alone. Corrosion testing should consider the confounding effects of VCI, AGS and desiccation. Read more.

"Corrosion Protection of Flanges, Valves and Welded Joints: Application Experience"
Authors: (NTIC) Efim Ya Lyublinski, Monique Posner, Yefim Vaks, Terry Natale, Gautam Ramdas, Eugene Friedman; (Petrobras, Brazil) Marcelo Schultz; (Zerust Prevenção, Brazil) Ronnie Singh, (NIKKA Industries Co., LTD., Japan) Keiji Uemura

Corrosion of flanges, valves and welded joints are major problems in the Oil & Gas, Chemical Process, and other industries. This paper presents a summary of new cover designs, laboratory test results, and application experiences in highly corrosive environments. This paper also describes the efficiency and experiences of these new covers and systems using VCI protection in combination with desiccants. In addition to offering corrosion protection, these covers have the added advantage of fast installation and easy removal and cleanup. The results show that these covers provide increased efficiency and service life for corrosion protection of various types of flanges, valves, welded joints in outdoor and indoor environments. Read more.



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