Rust Inhibiting VCI Packaging Paper

Rust Inhibiting VCI Packaging Paper
Acid-free, pH neutral corrosion inhibiting VCI kraft paper and poly laminated VCI paper offer corrosion protection for metal parts.

Zerust® ICT®400 Series: VCI Paper Packaging

Zerust carries and produces a wide range of corrosion inhibiting films, kraft papers, VCI bags, and VCI sheeting technologies. Zerust VCI Paper packaging products are acid-free, pH neutral and are sourced from responsibly managed forests. They are produced in the USA without bleaching agents and in facilities powered with renewable energy. Your customer service representative can help recommend the ideal packaging solution for your application needs.


Poly Paper

vapor capsule diffusers

Zerust ICT420-35P is a polyethylene coated VCI kraft paper with proprietary Zerust ICT formulations contained within the polyethylene coating (coating on one side of sheet only).

Use Zerust VCI Kraft Poly Paper in interleaving applications, to wrap metal materials for shipment or storage, or in any other application where a packaging paper would be used. Click here for more information

Kraft Paper
VCI Kraft Paper Zerust ICT VCI Paper is a high-quality kraft paper that is saturated on both sides with Zerust corrosion inhibitors. The product integrates packaging materials with powerful vapor corrosion inhibitors for ferrous metals, non-ferrous metals, and multimetal parts. Test before use on copper and brass. Click here for more information
VCI Corrugate Cardboard
VCI Corrugate cardboard

Use Zerust ICT VCI Corrugate on your next packaging project and get Zerust VCI corrosion protection and cardboard packing in one. Zerust Corrugate is acid free, eco-friendly, and can be configured for many applications.

Zerust VCI Corrugate can be used to pack tools, automotive parts, electronic parts and components, and more. Click here for more information





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