The Zerust Product Line

VCI Packaging Film & Bag Technology

With Zerust, packaging and corrosion protection become one application step. No messy greases or time-consuming removal. Zerust packaging materials use proprietary VCI (Vapor Corrosion Inhibiting) chemistries to provide corrosion protection for up to five years. Integrated combinations of protection systems, such as VCI corrosion protection, acid-gas scavenging and anti-static properties are available. Zerust carries and produces a wide range of corrosion inhibiting films, kraft papers, VCI bags, and VCI sheeting technologies. Zerust VCI film and sheeting products come in various MIL thicknesses, strength enhancements, protection types, shapes and sizes. Your customer service representative can help recommend the ideal packaging solution for your application needs.

Rust Inhibiting VCI Kraft Packaging Paper
Rust Inhibiting VCI Packaging Films

VCI Corrosion Inhibitor, Rust Preventatives, and Rust Removers 

In addition to Zerust VCI packaging products, Zerust offers an increasing range of cost-effective rust preventatives (RPs), VCI oils, corrosion inhibiting additives and rust removers. These products are designed to work together to provide comprehensive corrosion solutions for our customers.

Zerust's line of rust and tarnish removers are powerful solutions for the rework and recovery of metal items. Zerust offers a range of technologies, extending from pH neutral products to more aggressive and acidic products that also inhibit flash corrosion on cleaned surfaces. 

Rust Preventatives, Liquids, and Concentrates
Rust Removers

VCI Corrosion Inhibitor Diffusers 

Zerust VCI Diffusers provide targeted corrosion protection in hard-to-reach enclosed spaces or can be used as added protection to Zerust VCI packaging products. Diffusers emit powerful Zerust corrosion inhibiting molecules into an enclosure that settle on metal surfaces and protect them from corrosion. VCI emitters are safe for electronics, odorless*, non-toxic*, and residue free. Use Zerust Activ Series Diffusers to prevent flash corrosion, even in challenging or contaminated environments.

*ActivPak products contain additional inhibitors with a slight odor.

Rust Preventative VCI Diffusers



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